• Pay for Performance, Quality Outcomes, Stroke Center, MedyMatch

    "Instantly identifying the right data
    within the big data makes every physician
    a life-saving expert, every time".

    Gene Saragnese

    Chairman & Chief Executive Officer
    MedyMatch Technology

  • Pay for Performance, Quality Outcomes, Stroke Center, MedyMatch

    Instant intra-cranial hemorrhage detection
    means more effective emergency room treatments, and less lifelong chronic patients.

  • Pay for Performance, Quality Outcomes, Stroke Center, MedyMatch

    Artificial Intelligence capacity in healthcare saves lives
    and $ millions, IN ANY Emergency Room, every day.

  • Pay for Performance, Quality Outcomes, Stroke Center, MedyMatch

    Instant 3D modeling of 2D medical imaging
    pinpoints the location & volume of any bleed.

  • Pay for Performance, Quality Outcomes, Stroke Center, MedyMatch

    Ground-breaking instant recognition of any condition
    prevents an acute treatment from becoming chronic.

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Bringing Accuracy to the Emergency Room and Capacity to Healthcare to Prevent Chronic Conditions & Improve Patient Outcomes with Accurate Acute Treatment

  • Artificial intelligence leveraging deep vision and advanced cognitive analytics technologies instantly identify the right data within global big data to provide improved quality of care with actionable insights for immediate and accurate Emergency Room decision making.

HOW we do it

  • Our acute imaging artificial intelligence engine leverages deep vision and cognitive analytics to compare billions of data points to immediately identify the most rare, long-tail anomalies invisible to the human eye, as easily as the most common conditions.

    The result is acute emergency room treatment rather than life-long management of chronic conditions.


The MedyMatch team of artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning and algorithmic experts, together with our dedicated board of directors and Scientific and Medical Advisory Board, are changing the standards of emergency room treatment and cost of care.

Scientific and Medical Advisory Board

Dr. Michael Lev

Mass General Hospital Boston
Director, Emergency Radiology and Emergency Neuroradiology.
Professor, Harvard Medical School

Prof. Moshe Gomori

Hadassah Medical Center
Head of MRI &Head of Neuroradiology Unit

Dr. Yaakov Applbaum

Capital Health – New Jersey
Chairman and Medical Director, Department of Radiology

Prof. Jacob Sosna

Hadassah Medical Center
Chairman Radiology & Medical Imaging

Dr. Gabriel Polliack

Chairman of the National Imaging Council Committee - for Sharing of Diagnostic Images

Dr. Ajay Choudhri

Capital Health – New Jersey
Director, Vascular and Interventional Radiology
Assistant Director, Radiology, Capital Health

Dr. Paul Singh

Assistant Professor of NeuroEndovascular Surgery & Vascular Neurology, Rutgers Neurological Institute of Rutgers New Jersey Medical School.

Dr. David Haynor

M.D., Ph.D., Neuro-radiologist and Assistant Professor of Radiology and Neurological Surgery at University of Washington Hospitals

Dr. Jalal Andre

M.D., D.A.B.R., Director of Neurological MRI and MRI safety officer at Harborview Medical Center and a University of Washington, Assistant Professor of Radiology

Board of Directors

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